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National titles are awarded based on availability and qualifications; the application is free. Please allow 24-48 hours for your application to be reviewed and processed. 


The Universal Petite Pageant is a Pageant Designed for Petite Ladies across the world. Universal Petite has created the path for Petite women to be recognized for their potential and not their height. Throughout the years many other Petite Pageant systems have been created, yet Universal Petite remains as the #1 Petite Pageant for those looking for more than competition. We are a Sisterhood of Petite’s and we focus on creating memories that will last forever, reminding our queens that we go beyond the crown. This is YOUR time to apply and represent your Country! APPLY NOW! (There is No application fee.)

Please note that if there is already a National Petite Pageant in your country, you will be directed to this Pageant Director and their National Pageant System. (Ages of divisions may vary per country’s National Pageant.)

All contestants must be 5’6 or less in height without heels.

 To find out how you can become a National Director please complete the Director’s Form.